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  • 2020
    • October
      • Quinary LED Art Clock

        This quinary ( base 5 ) LED clock project has taken me many more months than I thought it would. I spent a great deal of time considering and ruminating over exactly how I wanted it to look and operate. It's gone through many, many, many iterations but is finally in a 'done

    • April
      • Wifi NTP Clock ( ESP8266 with TM1637 )

        My latest passion project incorporates a cheap Wemos D1 Mini clone board ( ~2$ each on eBay ) with integrated wifi along with a TM1637 4-Digit Led display module ( ~ $1 each ) to create an incredibly accurate self-adjusting wifi clock. I had previously been using 4-Digit displays by ind

  • 2019
    • August
      • Morse Code Tao Te Ching Flashing on the Arduino

        This year I have been experimenting quite a bit with the Arduino platform. I love how Arduino clones are much cheaper than Raspberry Pi’s and only cost me around 2 dollars each from China. Arduinos also consume very little power and run for many days on my rechargeable external battery

  • 2018
    • March
      • Javascript Flasher Clock
        I have been using my minimalistic Pi Zero W flasher clock for a while now and have found it to be an exceptionally soothing way to check on the current time. I recently ported the code over to work on the Pi 3 B+ and have edited my previous post about it to include both versions.

        The only

  • 2017
    • July
      • Easy Raspberry Pi GPIO Pin Control with Bash
        I have been experimenting a bit with home automation lately by hooking up some small electrical relays to my Raspberry Pis. So far I have my bedroom fan and a small lamp fully under remote control and connected to my home network. I even have them under voice control now by using an app called Task

    • June
      • Minimalist Single LED Clock ( Pi Zero and No Extra Parts )

        I was inspired by this post on Hackaday where Setvir created an elegant single LED clock using an Arduino Pro Micro. I'm more of a fan of Raspberry Pi's and have been wanting to come up with a simple single LED clock design of my own ever since reading that article.

    • May
      • Raspberry Pi Zero W Tic Tac Case
        I have created a very simple Raspberry Pi Zero W case using a Tic Tac container. I considered putting the full instructions here but decided that Instructables would be the best platform for it to get mass exposure and the best search engine indexing. The plans have been released into the public dom

    • March
      • Raspberry Pi + Atari 2600 Case
        I've recently finished putting together a custom Raspberry Pi case using the shell of an old Atari 2600. This isn't so much a how-to but more of a general overview of what was involved. It is all a lot simpler to accomplish than one might imagine.

        What gave me the idea for this

  • 2015
    • December
      • A Small Image Catastrophe
        Unfortunately the image host I was using,, is having some severe difficulty and most of the images I had hosted there for this blog are unavailable due to a technical problem.

        I'm hoping that they come back up as they were my primary backups of these images. For now I have

    • August
      • How to Make: Floating Ping Pong Ball LED Light Orbs
        These little lights are great for floating in the bath, a pool, or just setting in your guests drinks for a little extra style at a party.

        Base materials:

        - Ping pong balls
        - LED lights ( Look for ones driven well at ~3 volts )
        - CR2032 3V/20mAh buttoncell batteries

  • 2014
    • August
      • Rotary Phone Dials 10,000 Digits of Pi
        I've been spending most of my spare time lately working on my Youtube channel and creating 12 hour videos of looped sounds. Usually I'll go with space ship noise, or ambient sounds from SciFi movies, but this time I wanted to do something a little different.

        I first had the idea

    • April
      • The original Super Mario Bros sound effects
        I have created a playist of all the original Super Mario Bros sound effects looped for one hour on youtube. It amazes me to this day how iconic these sounds have remained. People who haven't even played this game recognize many of the sounds easily.

        Super Mario Bros Sound Loops

    • January
      • Online Sales Physical Notification with a Raspberry Pi
        Selling no longer wanted things from my apartment online with Amazon and Ebay is one of my new favorite hobbies. I take pride in getting quality items out for sale in a timely manner but it has been a constant drag to be checking my email account hundreds of times a day to see if I have sold anythin

  • 2013
    • July
      • Raspberry Pi Binary Clock
        I have been fascinated by number systems for most of my life. I especially like binary since it is so incredibly fundamental to the deep underpinnings of our technological society yet incredibly simplistic. I take a special delight whenever technology is combined with art and what better way to demo

    • March
      • Raspberry Pi: Tao Te Ching Morse Code LED
        I spent my three day spring break this year working with the Raspberry Pi GPIO and learning some more about python in the process. My first task was to get all the necessary GPIO packages installed on one of my dedicated raspbmc machines. The RPi.GPIO Python library was pretty easily installed with

    • February
      • Simple Kindle Temperature Display
        I've been wanting to make an e-paper temperature display ever since seeing the beautiful weather forecast display that Matthew Petroff put together but as is my style I wanted to do something much simpler and easier to get running. My main self imposed requirement was to make something that wou

  • 2012
    • December
      • Ascii Snow and Rain
        My favorite twitter feed at the moment is climagic. He posts an assortment of great little scripts and other cli tips and tweaks at least a few times a week. One of the neatest things things he posted in a long while is his bash ascii snow simulator.

        The code for it is below:


    • July
      • Improved Strobe
        It has been much too long since I made an entry here! I keep meaning to post but had been very busy with classes and graduating and now working full time but things are finally starting to settle down into a nice routine and I'm able to find time on the weekends and at nights lately.

  • 2011
    • December
      • Happy Holidays
        I've been working on a small perl script to generate random asscii characters and fill the screen. So far I've used this as a screensaver, to generate garbage test files, and to print out and use as wrapping paper.

        The Code:

        # simulated snow

    • October
      • Copying and Piracy
        Computing has brought with it the ability to copy and distribute information at a speed much higher than ever seen before in history and this is presenting us with many legal and ethical challenges. We find ourselves in an age where sharing an artist's entire life's work can take merely a

      • Simple Binary Bash Clock
        I've been meaning to post this for a while, but recently I made a small binary clock in bash in order to add it to my conky configuration.

        The script that follows below basically all it does is get the current hour minute and second fields and then convert it to display in binary.
    • August
      • Pi Memorization Javascript
        I've been memorising digits of pi off and on for years now. Not really sure why other than it is a fun challenge to be able to recite a long string of numbers.

        A while back I had found a program that helped me memorise more digits by having a little box to enter the numbers into whic

      • Python is Awesome
        Case in point:

        def fahrenheit(celsius):
        fahr = (9.0/5.0)*celsius + 32
        return fahr
        for temp_c in range (0, 41):
        temp_f = fahrenheit(temp_c)
        print temp_c,"C" , "| %.1f F" % temp_f

        Its almost like too-perfect of a langua

    • July
      • Weather Grabber
        For the last couple of days I have been working the chat server and client that I made last semester. Adding additional features to it has been slow but satisfying work.

        A weather function has been at the top of my list for things I wanted to see myself implement, so last night I decided

    • June
      • Tennessee outlaws offensive imagery
        A law was recently updated in Tennessee making it illegal for any resident to transmit or display any image which causes "emotional distress". Breaking this new law can cause you to receive up to a year of jailtime or fines not exceeding $2,500.

        This is a blatant violation of th

      • Strobe Light
        Over the last few days I've been working on a small JavaScript/PHP website to turn a monitor into a strobe light.

        I used to use a windows program called flasher3000 that would do this same effect but decided it would be more fun just to make my own than to get a windows machine up an

      • Setting up a Blog
        After looking through a bunch of different css templates and spending some time looking through Wordpress as a possible blogging option I suddenly remembered that one of my friends had set up a nice and clean php based blog.

        He directed me to the project page on sourceforge for Simple PHP