Pi Memorization Javascript 
Sunday, August 14, 2011, 12:07
Posted by Administrator
I've been memorising digits of pi off and on for years now. Not really sure why other than it is a fun challenge to be able to recite a long string of numbers.

A while back I had found a program that helped me memorise more digits by having a little box to enter the numbers into which would validate each digit as you typed it. The main thing I didn't like about it was that it would erase the entire field of digits if you got one wrong. This was fine up until I got over about 150 digits or so and it just became too painstaking to retype the first hundred or so digits each time to get to the ones I was stuck at.

I decided to use a few days at the end of this summer vacation to put together this web based pi memorisation tool with Javascript. View the source here.

I've added such features as a digit counter to show what place you are at, tips for what the next digits would have been if you make a mistake, and the ability to go back variable amounts when you get one wrong.

I'm totally up for ideas on how to add to this more or make it more useful. I've tested it on multiple browsers but would be very curious to know if its still having bugs with anyone's particular setup.

<brag> And with the added encouragement of making and testing this tool I'm now up over 200 digits. </brag>
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